Event Type Concert


03feb9:00 pmJungle BoogieJungle Themed Rave

04feb9:00 pmThe Mighty Good Times

06feb7:00 pmOuterloop + Paperplant + Cherry Moon + The Red Ferns

07feb9:00 pmKendall Street is for Lovers

09feb9:00 pmKind Hearted Strangers

11feb9:00 pmEmo Night ft. Joey's Van"Joey's Van want to make you feel like you're in middle school again"

13feb7:30 pmRassa Frassa w/s/g TBA

14feb9:00 pmKendall Street is for Lovers

16feb9:00 pmTravers Brothership

17feb9:00 pmThe Sweet Life + The Actuals

18feb9:00 pmRipjeive

20feb8:00 pmBella's BartokMiche's favorite touring band, come dance with her

21feb9:00 pmKendall Street is for Lovers

23feb9:00 pmSam Burchfield & The ScoundrelsReconnecting to the earth, and reconnecting to each other

25feb9:00 pmMaiden VoyageAn Iron Maiden Tribute

28feb9:00 pmKendall Street is for Lovers