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june, 2022

03jun9:00 pmGordon Sterling and the People

08jun7:00 pmComedy NightComedy Night at The Milk Parlor

11jun8:00 pmPathway w/s/g Jimothy, Terrafirma and Brandon WelchA Night of Rock & Roll in Blacksburg, VA

16jun8:00 pmMonsoon w/The Actuals and Maxuma

17jun9:00 pmVirginia ManThe greatest artist of all time

18jun9:00 pmSummer Solstice After Party with Ripejive & SupatightFunky Dance Party

22jun7:00 pmComedy NightComedy Night at The Milk Parlor

23jun9:30 pmAuxTales with Coby.BoiA summer turn up!

25jun9:00 pmThe Sweet Life

29jun8:00 pmNostrandersSurf Rock / Indie from NYC

30jun8:00 pmThursday Night Pride at The ParlorPride Party

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211 Draper Rd NW, Blacksburg, VA 24060

A milking parlor is the central gathering place on a dairy farm where cows are relieved of their burdens. At The Milk Parlor in Blacksburg, we will help relieve your burdens as well. Check out our elaborate Grilled Cheese menu, our White Russians, our VA Tap List, and enjoy some live entertainment in the heart of Downtown.
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