White Russian Menu
*Served in novelty cup

The Paralyzer

vanilla vodka + kahlúa + grind + cola + cream + maraschino cherry

The White Leprechaun

jameson whiskey + crème de menthe + chocolate liqueur + cream + chocolate rim

The Russian Coconut

vodka + kahlúa + grind + coconut milk

The Gingerbread Shack

vanilla vodka + kahlúa + grind + gingerbread syrup + cream

The Lost Freshman

whipped vodka + kahlúa + grind + chila cinnamon + cream + chocolate liqueur

Cocktail Menu

The Parlor Punch

tito’s vodka + cranberry + oj + sprite

The Moo Dew

tullamore DEW irish whiskey + ginger ale + lemonade

Southern Peach

jack daniel’s + bols peach schnapps + sours + sprite

Light Me Up

jack daniel’s fire + cranberry + sprite

Berry’s Cherry Limeade

red berry vodka + sprite + lemonade + lime + grenadine

Sneaky Tequila

el jimador blanco + coconut rum + bols peach schnapps + pineapple + cranberry

Pickleback Shot

whiskey + pickle brine

Hard Milkshakes Menu

Fat Banana

banana ice cream + peanut butter cookie + chocolate glaze + banana rum + hard coffee

Cookie Monster

cookies & cream ice cream + chocolate chip cookie + whipped vodka + hard coffee

Mint Chocolate Chip

vanilla ice cream + double chocolate chip cookie + creme de menthe + hard coffee

Death by Chocolate

chocolate ice cream + chocolate brownie cookie + chocolate cake pieces + chocolate liqueur + hard coffee

VA’s Finest- Tap List

+Larry’s Original Hard Lemonade 6% ABV / Yorktown, VA

+Beales / Tropical Depression 4.3% ABV / Bedford, VA

+Olde Salem / Heartbroken in Disrepair 6.5% ABV / Salem, VA

+D9 / Brown Sugar Brown Cow 6.6% ABV / Charlotte NC

+Southern Tier / Warlock 8.6% ABV

+Bell’s / Lemon Lime Flamingo Fruit Fight 4.8% ABV

+Bell’s / Double Two Hearted 11% ABV

+Bell’s / Oberon Wheat Ale 5.8% ABV

+Heavy Seas / Hazy Cannon 7.25% ABV

+Narragansett / Lager 5% ABV

Get Down Here!

211 B Draper Rd NW
Blacksburg VA 24060


Mon 11am-11pm

Tue-Sat 11am-2am

Sunday Closed

211 Draper Rd NW, Blacksburg, VA 24060

A milking parlor is the central gathering place on a dairy farm where cows are relieved of their burdens. At The Milk Parlor in Blacksburg, we will help relieve your burdens as well. Check out our elaborate Grilled Cheese menu, our White Russians, our VA Tap List, and enjoy some live entertainment in the heart of Downtown.

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