The Menu

Milk Parlor Sandwiches

Choose a side of potato salad, kettle cooked chips, seasoned fries, mac & cheese (+2), cup of tomato bisque (+2), mozz sticks (+3), grilled cheese (+3), or fried pickle spears (+3). Substitute any cheese for vegan cheddar (+1.5).

The Good Good

white + yellow american on garlic texas toast


Fungus Among Us

fontina + sautéed mushrooms + sautéed onions + spinach + chives on grilled garlic french bread


The Humidor

swiss + ham + pulled pork + dijon + pickles on grilled french bread


The Spicy Redneck

pepper jack + pulled pork + pickled onion + hot honey on garlic french bread


The Birdcall

swiss + smoked turkey + sauerkraut + russian dressing on garlic texas toast


Mossa Pallida

fresh mozzarella + parm + meatballs + marinara on grilled garlic french bread


The Ford Capri

fresh mozz + chicken + roasted tomato + basil + balsamic glaze on grilled garlic french bread


Wake & Bake 2.0

cheddar + spinach + free range scrambled egg +  red pepper pesto on grilled garlic texas toast


The Mac & Cheese Daddy

mac & cheese + bacon + cheddar + chives on grilled garlic french bread


Add-Ons (1.5)



onion (sautéed or pickled)


roasted tomato

scrambled egg

tempeh bacon (2.5)

Ice Cream Sandwiches (5.25)

Cookie Monster

Fat Banana

Chocolate Blackout

The Classic

Get Down Here!

211 B Draper Rd NW
Blacksburg VA 24060


Mon 11am-11pm

Tue-Sat 11am-2am

Sunday Closed

211 Draper Rd NW, Blacksburg, VA 24060

A milking parlor is the gathering place on a dairy farm where cows are relieved of their burdens. Here at The Milk Parlor we will help relieve your burdens as well, through live entertainment, cold drinks, and the comfort of grilled cheese sandwiches.
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